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Cellular Regeneration for Youthful Radiance 

What if everything we ate gave us a powerful connection to nature? What if everything we ate helped us feel more in touch with ourselves? What if food in its purest and simplest form satisfied our desire for indulgence, without any sense of sacrifice? What if everything we ate embodied the highest ideal for our palate, our health, and our planet? Imagine it is fully possible.

Physicists tell us that we exist in an ocean of energy that is present in the quantum vacuum. All manifestations, including our bodies, are immersed in this invisible energetic ocean. Cells and tissue generate electrical currents. We now know that all tissues and organs produce specific magnetic pulsations called bio-magnetic fields with frequency. Raw, organic, unadulterated, or geometrically unaltered plants or all living matter generate this same vibrational pulse when left in their raw state. 

High heat changes the geometric structure of foods, so it does not resonate with your being any longer. It destroys the healing communication. When we consume raw plant medicine, we re-harmonize the magnetic frequency which is not present in altered foods. Through sacred geometric frequency patterning, we can fully re-harmonize every function of our bodies. It creates healing and regeneration on a cellular level. This frequency restructures everything from your brain to your DNA strands, re-tuning you to your perfect version of self.

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