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About Lesa

Through music, food and lifestyle, Lesa has helped pioneer the eco movement, building several sustainable and green business centered around raw, organic food. 

Lesas revered techniques and culinary design have been instrumental in the evolution of consciousness and humane lifestyle. As in her music, it is her deep commitment to artistic excellence that has drawn the likes of Sting, Woody Harrelson, Cher, Alicia Silverstone, Daryl Hanna, KD Lang, Anthony Kiedis, Flea and many more, in their quest for optimum performance. 

Carlsons extraordinary vision for an eco-concious world has inspired her to pioneer several businesses. Jade Raw Fusion, a trailblazer, award winning raw restaurant, curated and owned by Lesa in Silver Lake Los Angeles. Seed Live Cuisine, a raw food delivery service, began operation in 2001. Her Sava and Foodology Live followed as the first grab-and-go packaged raw food line, available in stores in Southern California such as Erehwon Market, Co-Oppurtunity and Whole Foods. Followed by a salad dressing line for esteemed Evolution Fresh, sold in Gelsons and Ralphs. In 1998 Lesa began In The Raw, a sophisticated series of pop up dinners. These elegant dinners were hosted in art galleries, museums and tea houses, serving cuisine from around the world, in the raw. 

Lesa has and will continue to play a pivotal role moving organic raw foods into mainstream America. Her inherent ability to understand the art and science, as well as the behaviour of the ingredient and how they transform to entertain the palate is a strategic advantage Lesa brings to all her ventures. 


From the Press


"This journey is one of the most incredible I’ve ever taken. The life force is magnificent; It affects the mental, physical, spiritual, and the planet."


"I have eaten prepared raw foods all over the world. Lesa’s food is by far the most exquisite and finest I have ever experienced."


Nobel Peace Prize Winner, President Mikhail Gorbachev of Russia

"Dear Lesa, I want to thank you for helping to make The Global Green Awards such a great success. This was a truly inspiring event." 


David Brindley, Senior Editor Bon Appetit

"I was impressed and delighted with the quality and the taste of the food and the tremendous care of preparation. Lesa is A CREATIVE GENIUS in the kitchen."


Los Angeles Times Magazine

"Carlson elevates taste and presentation to a rare culinary experience."


Dana Harris, Self Magazine

"Carlson a food artist uses unexpected ingredients to create familiar tastes. The textures and flavours are incredible."

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